A student with disability won the contest “Books and Life season 2”

Monday, 03 December 2018 02:51


On the morning of November 24, 2018, the final round of "Books and life season 2"  was taken place at the Nguyen Van Binh book street.

 TN 6

The contest was implemented from March to the end of September 2018, attracting the attention of many young people. Candidates have experienced 2 parts: raising the role of books in life and presenting values ​​about favorite books. Participating in the contest, contestants express their feelings about the value of books that have influenced young people’s lifestyle and changed themselves. The contest was conveying human values ​​and useful lessons to young people and increase their awareness.

 A student of DRD’s mentoring and scholarship program, Thach Tran Bach Long, one of 139 candidates became the winner of the contest.

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