The Ho Chi Minh City Peace Culture Day

Saturday, 13 October 2018 01:35


Harsh truths make people sad because of constant wars; bombs and bullets keep exploding somewhere around the world. There remain thousands of people living in anxiety, thousands of children living in poverty everyday…Fortunately, we are luckier than many people; we are living in peace, we do not see the misery. However, there is violence happening somewhere. To promote peace for all, the Ho Chi Minh City’s Peace and Development Foundation and Peace Committee held the Ho Chi Minh City’s Peace Day with the theme “A World without Violence” on 13 October 2018 in the Independent Palace.

Cô Tôn Nữ Thị Ninh

The program had many meaningful activities to raise public awareness. At present, peace is not generally understood that there is no war, but people should learn “peace in daily life” and the meaning of “peace in daily life”; emphasise educational roles of family, school, and communication for peace culture, particularly for addressing violence. This year, to help viewers to understand what “peace in daily life” is, the organizer had 8 zones with themes such as The Miracle in a Picture, The Diversity of Cultures, In a World, Nature & Environment, Peace with Emotion and Calm…that allowed viewers to have various options and attracted thousands of local people to the event.

Diễn giả bàn thảo về ngày hòa bình

In response to the program, DRD cooperated with non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations such as the Center for Research & Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CED), Ho Chi Minh Deaf People’s Association, Vietnam Autism Network (VAN), My Future Group, Center for Community Development (LIN), Vui House, We are different (WAD) to create a Space 4 with the theme: The COMMUNITY Space, conveying the message ‘ONE WORLD FOR ALL’. The COMMUNITY Space was introduced in order to raise public awareness of the rights and capacity of people with disability and groups of marginalized people as well. Also, space connected non-profit organisations and non-governmental organisations to promote their images, ultimately combined community resources. In this space, participants would experience activities with organisations mentioned above as well as groups or associations of disadvantaged people. The Community Space encompassed the main events:

bàn tài liệu truyền thông

Visiting and experiencing activities: drawing, portraying, making handmade, playing with children, experiencing VR glass, giving cards, art performances like dancing, singing, playing roles, etc. Inspirational exchange session with PhD Vo Thi Hoang Yen – Founder and Director of the Center of Disability Research and Capacity Development (DRD) attracted many audiences.

Giao lưu với chị Yến


Hà Văn Đông biểu diễn


Một bạn khuyết tật chăm chú theo dõi

On the Ho Chi Minh Peace Culture Day, let’s enjoy the photos capturing the peaceful and impressive moments to see that how good and hopeful the life is despite its hardness!

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