Training on “teamwork skill for management board and members of PWD’s club in Tay Ninh”

Friday, 20 July 2018 03:25


Tham dự viên đặt tên nhóm

The training was organized on 19th-20th July 2018 funded by USAID in order to build capacity for 40 leaders and members of PWD’s Club at Dong Khoi Commune, Long Thanh Bac Commune and Ninh Son Ward. 

The training content was designed to be simple to meet the need to understand and apply teamwork skills for their activities. Through experiential games, from which to form lessons from their own experience, participants can easily grasp:

- The concept of group/team

- The importance of teamwork

- Factors that make up the team

- The stages of team development

- Team working principles

- Communication and motivation in teamwork

Active participatory training method in which the participants was the focus have attracted the active learning of the participants, especially members who were the first time left house and engaged in activities like this. Recorded some post-training opinions and observed as well that the majority of participants had a certain understanding of how the team worked, how the work was divided up, the strengths of the members to assign work effectively. In addition, the participants learned how to support each other in the same task to achieve the goals set by the team.

Làm bài tập nhóm

Trình bày kết quả

Mr. Y Long shared: “Before, I was just at home, not having any contact with anyone. I do not know what training is. This time I want to go to know. I did not expect much fun. The lesson is too good. Just through the game I learn a lot. I know that to work in a good team, I need to understand what I want to do. Then other members need to respect and help each other to complete a common objective.” 


Thành quả

"In addition to learning about solidarity, mutual understanding, helping each other while working in a team, I learned that only going out, joining social activity in community can make myself change. Other people can do, PWDs can do even more difficult.” – said Ms. Mai.

Ảnh lưu niệm

Many sharing also showed that the training and activities that "Access For All" project are doing that helping PWDs remove inferiority complex and be more confidence in themselves and others. Communication and exchange also contribute to membership in and between PWD’s Clubs.

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