The Best Way To Protect Our Own Rights And Benefits Is To Understand Law And Policy

Saturday, 07 July 2018 04:24


"Mr.Hoa went to medical examination in 2010 with a disability rate of 81%, but on the certificate of disability recorded the level of “severe" instead of " particularly severe"; because he did not understand the law, he has been receiving 405,000vnd for allowance per month since 2013, instead of receiving 540,000 against Law of PWDs.”


"Mr.Huong, whose eyes are dim, did the procedure to determine disability rate, and the council concluded that he was “light", but for more than a year his eyes were completely blind. The other eye was blurred and it caused him a traffic accident. Due to the increasingly severe disability, he applied for re-determination of disability rate to receive a higher monthly allowance, but local officials refused to allow him to reassess him because he got “light disability.”


These were two of the cases that they did not know about laws and policies, so they accepted and lost their rights, and this is why DRD organized training courses on rights for PWDs.
Throughout the two training sessions, 57 PWD participants understand what the rights are, the rights they have under Law of PWDs and the procedures for implementing those rights. At the same time, the participants also understand the social barriers that made PWDs become “disabled” so that PWDs need to know their rights and promote implementation.
And success was beyond expectation that at the training course, participants used the knowledge and experience learned to share together, help those who have not enjoyed their rights. For instance, they helped Mr.Hoa to draft a request application to send to Disability Determination Board requires the re-issuance of disability certificate in accordance with Law of PWDs; or a member of Club Management Board has promised to help Mr.Huong to determine disability rate in 2018.

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