Training on “Make a plan for TAY NINH PWD’S Club

Saturday, 09 June 2018 11:07


For Tay Ninh PWD’s Club launching ceremony, DRD hold 2-day training on “Make a plan for core members at Dong Khoi Commune, Ninh Son Ward, Long Thanh Bac Commune” in Dong Phuong Hotel, Tay Ninh City.


After effective 2-day working, the groups have been worked out strategic plan and implementing plan 2018-2020 term. Especially, they know to cooperate with local resources, DRD or PWDs network in their implementing plan and understand deeply what they should do when building and improving PWD’s Club. Some evidences showed via participant’s comments:




“We get on well with each other through 2-day training, and we’ll try our best to make a better result for PWD’s Club with DRD’s support.”

“We have ever never known how to make a plan until we participated in 2-day training, and imagine clearly our path that we should go when building PWD’s Club.”

“I have gained a lot of knowledge after 2-day training, everybody also get on well with each other. Especially, now I can make a implementing plan for our PWD’s Club by myself.”

“In my opinion, I really like the game “build a house” which made me know that the more people united, the faster a house built instead of 2 or 3 people. We can build a strong PWD’s Club as long as we’re close-knit.”


DRD highly appreciate core member’s spirit and responsibility, and we believe that together they can build a strong PWD’s Club. Besides, DRD commits to be their companion, support in each activity as always and help to raise Tay Ninh PWD’s life quality.


Trần Nga

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