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Thursday, 31 May 2018 02:32


Le Thi Le Quyen was born in an agricultural family of parents and three sisters, in a poor village in Phu Yen province. Quyen was normal when she was young, but after a fever, Quyen's legs gradually shrank to the knees which made it difficult for her to walk. However, Quyen has overcome fate. In 2017, Quyen was accepted to the University of Pedagogy of Ho Chi Minh City and study Japanese. Quyen then learned about the Disability Research And Capacity Development(DRD) through a friend's recommendation. Quyen was applying for a DRD Companion scholarship and has been a member of the scholarship group since early 2018. During the time she has been here, DRD found Quyen very responsible, thoughtful, and keen to learn.

Quote of Quyen: "... I feel very happy and excited when I joined the DRD Companion Group. Actually, this is a big turning point in my life. Although I have just joined the scholarship team for a short time, it has been really a great time. Taking part in the activities of this scholarship program helps me to gradually become more confident, more optimistic, recognize the missing points and gradually improve myself. I have learned a lot, including teamwork skills, and planning skills for a program. In addition, I also have the opportunity to participate in many interesting programs organized by DRD.”

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Hình khảo sát

Quyen has stopped studying at the University of Pedagogy in Ho Chi Minh City to focus on the examination to the University of Law Ho Chi Minh City, with the desire to become a lawyer protecting the rights of vulnerable people including people with disabilities. Although she has no longer received monthly scholarship support, she still wishes to continue her participation in the activities of the Companion Fellowship scholarship. 

We believe that with her efforts, passion, and responsibility, she will succeed on the chosen path.


Additional information: The DRD Companion Scholarship Program was founded in April 2008. As of December 31st, 2017, with the proceeds of 970 million VND from the donors, the program provided 388 scholarships for students with disabilities enrolling universities, and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City until they graduate (on average, each student has 3 years of scholarship, with a monthly allowance of 1,000,000 VND or 500,000 VND). Graduates have sufficient skills, and stable employment, hold high positions in companies and society and have happy families.

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