Welcome a group of Professors and Students from West Virginia University (USA)

Friday, 18 May 2018 02:19


On May 18th, Neal Newfield, a professor of Social Work and Susan Newfield, professor of Nursing and two Social Work students at West Virginia University, visited DRD to help students have better understanding of issues related to people with disabilities, and social work with people with disabilities in Vietnam.


What the students were interested in the exchange was the accessibility and integration of people with disabilities, especially access to public works and transport systems. Compared to many years ago, the conditions for people with disabilities to social integration have changed a lot. However, support for people with disabilities is still prone to philanthropy, and the social model based on the rights has not been fully applied, therefore they still face many barriers.


At the meeting, Professor Neal hoped to make further positive changes in the future and DRD would receive more funding to implement strategies for the integration of PWDs in Vietnam that DRD hoped for.

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