Workshop “CSO Partnership for Implementing SDGS”

Thursday, 31 May 2018 02:12


Over the past decade, social organizations have grown in number and scope, with a wide range of activities, associated with the community level, highly qualified staff and experienced in the field of development with achievements in modeling efficiency and sustainability.

MSD Thanh Tung

The involvement of social organizations contributes to the country's development in general and implement sustainable development goals in particular, reflected in two aspects: through the implementation of the mission, vision of the organization; and the trend of multi-stakeholder organizations to increase values ​​for the community and society. It can be said that with the active nature of social organizations, they are both partners directly contributing to the realization of the goals of sustainable development, as well as the position as a connecting party to other partners. (The state, enterprises, international development partners, etc.) in the development process effectively.

At the workshop on Thursday, May 24th, besides the sharing of development experts on Sustainable Development Goals, Action Plan, Role of Social Organizations, etc. DRD's representative, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung - Project Coordinator, was also invited to share about the contribution of CSOs to sustainable development goals, including challenges, solutions, legal and practical experiences. DRD presented a model of bus access for people with disabilities (in collaboration with the HCM City Public Passenger Traffic Management Center); or organizing CSDS with the Youth Force Project (2030 Youth Force is a network of youth leaders in the Asia-Pacific region founded and sponsored by UNDP / UNV Asia. The goal is to inspire young people to participate in activities that promote the achievement of sustainable development goals and to make positive changes towards an inclusive and peaceful society.)

It can be seen that the diverse roles and contributions of civil society organizations are exemplified by examples from a variety of organizations, both in terms of individual organizations and the coordination of stakeholders, and become partners for sustainable development for everyone, the community and the society.

Thanh Phương

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