The Right is not what you “Crave for”

Thursday, 24 May 2018 02:09


DRD has just completed 2 days training on "Equality and Inclusion for People with Disabilities (PWDs)" in Quy Nhon. After 2 days of training, participants clearly differentiated and understood the terms disability and handicapped, also the barriers and models support PWDs, in which the charitable model is not sustainable, and by now the international convention and laws of PWD were moving towards the social model to create conditions for people with disabilities to integrate into society. Especially the participants understood how equality was, what were the rights, and how to facilitate for PWDs.

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The training helped participants to improve their knowledge and awareness on disability issues, and thus led to more positive actions in their support for PWDs. This was reflected in the participants' shares as follows:

Thảo luận của tham dự viên

"I have attended many trainings, but this one is very special. Ms. Yen is very simple, and her lectures are easy to understand. In the past, we only know the term “people with disabilities” but we do not understand deeply why people call it that way. People with disabilities will become handicapped when society does not create appropriate conditions for them to realize their full potential. "

Toàn cảnh buổi tập huấn

"I will not thank you anymore because everyone says thank you, but instead I will plan to hold a training session for my members."

"I have learned a lot about what is sickness and what is disability, because I am used to being called sick but not a person with a disability. Because of this understanding, I am not facilitated to develop myself ". This is the sharing of a little girl who firmly would not speak on the first training day.

"I am very happy with this training, I understand what rights are, and what equality is. Especially with the rights, I have to “ask for" but not "crave for". I would like to help people with disabilities to fully claim their rights."

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