Mentoring Scholarship group went to Saigon Zoo to visit and did accessibility survey

Sunday, 27 May 2018 02:03


On the morning of Sunday, 27th May 2018, students from Mentoring Scholarship group went to Saigon Zoo to exchange, make opportunity to understand each other; and they also visited and did accessibility survey as well.

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After going around Saigon Zoo and get into some places, Mentoring Scholarship group shared their opinion and noted the petition to send to Saigon Zoo’s Management Board in having reasonable accommodation which supports PWD’s using demands. At present, in some places if the park, there is not really access for PWDs. For example, the way to the toilet has high ramp, PWDs need support from others but not themselves; or There is no accessible handrails in the toilet for holding, etc. This caused some difficulties for PWDs when visiting the park.

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It is hoped that in the coming years, public works will be more accessible and easier for people with disabilities to use in order to integrate into the community and confidently step up to the society.

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