Training Course for communicators in Tay Ninh province from 9 to 11 april, 2018 – training course from the hearts

Wednesday, 11 April 2018 09:50


From 9 to 11 April, 2018, DRD held training on communication skill for 34 communicators in Tay Ninh Province to provide communication knowledge and build their advocacy capacity for people with disabilities (PWDs) who participate PWD’s Club.




Through 3 training days, communicators gained disability knowledge, PWD’s barriers, support modeling, communicator’s role in behavior change, advantanges and respponsibility when participating the club. Besides, communicators pratised to make a plan and try to advocate PWDs participating PWD’s Club.


Especially, 34 communicators (Hamlet’s Leader, Women’s Union’s officials, Ward/Commune’s social officials, group secretary, DOLISA’s officials, Vice President of Elderly Group, Hamlet’s Battlefield Mission Group, etc.) participated enthusiastically and worked hard during 3 days by their passion in supporting PWDs.






Some communicator’s opinions when participating the training:

“This is the good way for PWDs, and I’ll try my best to support PWDs in my local area.” – Mr. Tuan (PWDs) shared.

“This is just the first step, communicators not only advocate PWDs to join the Club when establishing PWD’s Club, encourage them to participate different acitivities as well, such as learning, working, etc.” – Ms. Huyen – Manager of Hoa Thanh Office of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

“The training course is great and respect trainees, it doesn’t like any traditional trainings. I really like DRD’s training materials because of trainee’s opinion included.” – Ms. Hang – Official of Office of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

“The best thing about it is that DRD didn’t impose arbitrariness during the training; and this is the lesson for communicators when interact with PWDs who make a decision by their own.” – Mr. Nhung – Chum Dua Hamlet’s Leader.



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