Giving wheelchairs ceremony event for An Giang people with disabilities on January 26th, 2018

Friday, 26 January 2018 03:05


People with disabilities face many difficulties in life, especially those who are in remote provinces. One of the difficulties is that there is no means to travel, study, live and participate in community activities to help people with disabilities gain social integration without the burden of family, and at the same time improve the life quality for people with disabilities (PWDs). So, having a wheelchair or the flicker swing car is the dream of so many people.

Quỹ tâm nguyện việt


Quỹ tâm nguyện việt 01

Picture: Wheelchair and flicker swing car are sponsored by the Tam Nguyen Viet Fund

At 2pm on January 26th at the Disability Research And Capacity Development (DRD) office, Tam Nguyen Viet Fund, through DRD, sponsored 04 wheelchairs and 11 flicker swing cars for PWDs in Chau Doc, An Giang province. The ceremony was honored to welcome Mr. Vu Dinh Thai - Chairman of Management Board and Director of Tam Nguyen Viet Fund, Ms. Ho Thi Mong Thu - Vice President of Tam Nguyen Viet Fund, Mr. Hua Tien Hung - Vice President of Tam Nguyen Viet Fund; Representatives of An Giang Province: Mr. Le Chau Hung - Chairman of Association for People with Disabilities, Orphans and Poor patients in Chau Doc city, An Giang province; on behalf of the organization: Ms. Luu Thi Anh Loan - Acting Director of DRD; together with the participation of some PWDs.

toàn cảnh

Picture: Overview of the ceremony

At the ceremony, Mr.Vu Dinh Thai, Chairman of the Management Board and Director of Tam Nguyen Viet Fund, said that he hoped these wheelchairs would be able to help PWDs as a means of transportation to make a living. He also sent greetings and good health to those PWDs who were absent.

Ông Thái


Picture: Mr. Vu Dinh Thai, Chairman of Management Board and Director of Tam Nguyen Viet Fund gave a speech

chụp ảnh lưu niệm

Picture: Board Director of Tam Nguyen Viet Fund together with Ms. Luu Thi Anh Loan – DRD Acting Director gave wheelchairs and flicker swing cars to PWDs An Giang province.

DRD sincerely thanks the sponsors of the Tam Nguyen Viet Fund, the representatives of An Giang province and PWDs of the province who came to this ceremony.

Thanh Phuong.

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