Students at Ho Chi Minh City College of Central Pedagogy were trained by DRD in supporting people with disabilities

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 03:09


On 16 and 17/01/2018, Center of Disability Research and Capacity Development (DRD) welcomed 8 freshmen students in social work department in HCM City College of Central Pedagogy, who came to learn about activities and supporting people with disabilities models at DRD

hướng dẫn hỗ trợ xe lăn

Mr Trương Huy Vũ trained the students to get to know the wheelchair

The students not only learned about DRD’s establishment, development and achievements in supporting people with disabilities in the last 10 years, but also they had a chance to learn the basic knowledge in effectively supporting people with disabilities in community. Especially, they had an opportunity to learn practical skills in supporting people with disabilities from DRD’staff. This is one of the most important skills need to be trained in order to help them be confident when communicating and providing services to people with disabilities in community.

hướng dẫn đẩy xe lăn lên bậc cầu thang

Training the technique about pushing wheelchair go up the stairs

DRD is well-known as one of the centers to support the people with disabilities base on the social work model. Hopefully, this knowledge which DRD trained for the students will somehow contribute to helping the students in envisioning the work with people with disabilities, as well as enhancing the students’ enthusiasm in studying Social work.

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