Training on "Developing training curriculum for club establishment" on 8,9 and 10 of January 2018

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On 8, 9 and 10 of January, 2018, the Center for Disability Research and Capacity Development (DRD) organized a training course on "Developing training curriculum for Club Establishment" for local board members. It aimed to build the capacity of local key members who have the potential to initiate self-help organizations for people with disabilities in the USAID- sponsored "Accessibility for All" project.The training earned the participation of 17 members, including 3 representatives of people with disabilities in Dong Khoi village(Tay Ninh province) and 1 local official from the area which would be the first to pilot the model of aclub for people with disabilities inthe province.

Thầy Lê Đại Trí


Mr. Lê Đại Trí is guiding the members to warm up before the training begins

Toàn cảnh

Class overview

Usingactive participant-centered approaches, the training provided the members with basic knowledge about the role of Disability Clubs in raising awareness about the rights and capacity of people with disabilities. In addition, the trainees were provided with the opportunities to demonstrate the steps in establishing a social the club , and employing different communications methods and attractting prospective club members in the future. . Through practical exercises, trainees can draw useful experiences while avoiding mistakes when applied to real life.

The following are some feedback from the participants who enjoyed active learning.

"This is my first time participating in a proactive training course," said Mr. Lam, a member of the Mobility Club Committee of Dong Khoi Village. I thinkthis is a good method because I get to share my ideas and experiences which have not been listened to before. When I first practiced in front of the class, I was trembling and nervous, and made mistakes but I was encouraged and respected. I believe with more time and practice, I will do better in the coming times. "

"I came here with the desire to learn and learn to understand for myself first, then to put those things into use," says Vàng, a person with disability who is hopeful about setting up a local club shared. “ I understand the benefits of setting up a club for people with disabilities in my area. Knowing the steps to set up a club will help us get well prepared. "

Through the evaluation after the course, in addition to the knowledge and skills gained, most of the members of the campaign stated that they were truely looking forward to the establishment of the first disablility club of the province, where people with disabilities have the opportunity to gettogether and raise their voices , to be able to fully participate and to have equal status in society.

Ảnh lưu niệm clb

Last day of the training group photo.

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