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DARE’s close-out workshop - took place successfully and left a great memory in participant’s heart. DARE funded by Irish Embassy that had carried out within 2 years with 2 partners, which were University of Pedagogy and University of Science, Society and Humanity.

On 21st Dec 2017, at 8.30am, in Ramana Hotel, DARE’s close-out workshop took place with the participation of over 70 people included: Mr.Nguyen Thanh Tam – Vice Manager of Disability Education, Department of Education and Training; Ms.Do Thanh Khuyen – Specialist of DOLISA; Ms.Duong Phuong Hanh – Director of Center of Research and Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing – CED; Mr.Tran Cong Binh – Specialist of Vietnam UNICEF; Mr.Huynh Cong Ba - Head of Student Service, University of Pedagogy – DARE’s Vice Project Coordinator at University of Pedagogy; Mr.Bang Anh Tuan – Header of International Project Development and Cooperation Department, University of Science, Society and Humanity, DARE’s Project Coordinator at USSH; and the indispensable participation of students with disabilities, PWDs Club/Group, etc.

Toàn cảnh 01

Overview of close-out workshop

Bà Lưu thị ánh loan

Ms.Luu Thi Anh Loan – DRD’s Acting Director gave an opening speech

As we have mentioned before, 3 DARE’s objectives are:
- Students with disabilities have opportunity to evaluate their capacity and what they want to be supported through doing individual development plan.
- Students with disabilities have timely support and help during learning time at school by Mentor solution.
- Students with disabilities are provided the support packets to reduce their difficulties and increase learning quality.

Additionally, the initiatives in “PWDs Support Initiatives in HCMC” of DARE which support somewhat for student’s learning: Braille Diagram of University of Pedagogy – each school’s building is going to have braille diagram for students with disabilities. Although there was a lot disadvantages in human resource, budget and time, the lecturers and students haven’t given up to achieve the final result which suppory students with disabilities in the future.

Cô Cao Xuân Mỹ

PhD.Cao Thi Xuan My – Lecturer of University of Pedagogy’s Special Education Department – presented about initiative “Braille Diagram”

After 2 years, DARE has finished with great results and success; we achieved almost our objective, and our students not only understand deeply themselves but also discover their different aspects to help them in the future. Besides, the effectiveness on school’s officers and lecturers are definitely positive, and it helps them to know more about students with disabilitie’s needs and build their capacity to support students in different detailed circumstances.

In the presentation of Ms.Dao Bich Ha – Vice Project Coordinator at USSH, she said that after the project finished, University of Science, Society and Humanity is going to publish a book called “PWDs Support Guideline” and share with universities for reference.

Cô Đào Bích Hà

Ms.Dao Bich Ha – Vice Project Coordinator at University of Science, Society and Humanity presented 2-year project final report

Thầy Huỳnh Công Ba

Mr.Huynh Cong Ba – Head of Student Service, University of Pedagogy – DARE’s Vice Project Coordinator at University of Pedagogy

Giang Vien NDH

Lecturer/Mentor and Students shared their thoughts

Students shared their feelings about Mentor who supported students with disabilities during 2-year project: “Indeed, the Mentor’s support is very important to us. Our Mentor (also their lecturer) also teach in Special Education Department, so that makes her understand our demand as well as daily needs. Besides, she often gave us advice in learning and help us to audit our learning plan which is suitable and comfortable for us.”

“Until now I have recognized that Mentor’s role in the project is really important and neccessary. It not only support students but also build good relationships with more students that what we should do.” – Ms.Oanh – Mentor shared.

Le Huu Thuong

Mr.Le Huu Thuong – DRD’s Project Officer – DARE’s Project Coordinator

Once again, DRD would like to give a big thank to our great sponsor and 2 partners in DARE’s 2 years.

Thanh Phuong

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