1. What is your desire when organizing DRD?


DRD - Disability Resource and capacity Development, with the meaning Life is Beautiful, is the idea of DRD founder. This idea got support from all members of the DRD and friends. Life is Beautiful is to create a play field for people with disabilities (PWD), they have a place to meet, exchange, participate in activities with friends without disabilities on the basis of equality and help each other to grow. Over the years we have encouraged PWDs to integrate into society, inspire members in society to create opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in activities. But how to integrate when there are so many barriers, almost all areas are unable to access, and many people still look at PWDs with the eyes of sympathy or feeling annoying when PWD ask for help.

When people with disabilities come to DRD, they will feel this is "their place", a place for them to know that they are not alone, a place they can express capability/talents, a place where they can share the desire of non-disabled life. People without disabilities come to DRD to see that PWD is very talented, they are not a burden for the family or society but they can still enjoy their life, work, and dedicate if they have the chance.

When people come to join clubs, participate in activities, attentively listen and share -which means expand our heart for everyone who comes together. So we will feel that Life is Beautiful and not "Life is so bored!" as we usually think of when we feel lonely or desperate. 

2. What key activities will DRD focus on and which activities to promote for people to know more? How about the time for activity? 

With the goal of "connecting the hearts" to create a positive play ground to make life better, DRD is the social work center with activities aimed at that goal.

• Activity one: It’s a place for slow developed children to participate in activities and develop themselves, which means: as they are developing more slowly than others, that does not mean they do not continue to develop. But often at certain age, they no longer come to school - the only place where they can learn and do activities – and this is how their development stop or reverse when they no longer have the opportunity to keep growing. 

• Activity two: when participating in activities that involved with the hearing impaired children, we know that they are the group which have the most difficulty to find jobs when they are not able to communicate in the language. Look at how the children suffer, how beautiful, smart and hard work, etc. but almost only have activities in hearing impairment community. So we want to help them to learn how to make drink and serve. DRD will be a good place for them to learn and train the other children. We hope that when people come to the club they will spend more time to communicate, see how they work, give advice for them, and introduce to other people to make them have more job opportunities when they work in other places. When ex-group work in other places, we will get another group to learn and work just like before.

Besides training, students are also engaged in other DRD activities to develop necessary social skills 

• Activity three: DRD is also place for showcase products of the disabled. We only display quality product because we do not want PWD to think that they just make and sell products with thought that people buy this because these were made from the disabled. The charity products can only be sold one time, and the PWD’s value still considered low in customers' eyes.DRD want that people would care and recognize the beauty and quality of the products displayed at DRD. Customers buy them because they like and want to use them,and recommend them to others. The PWDs or any PWD organizations that have enough products to display on their own can also use DRD space to display for one month. 

• Activity four: Music has always been a string to connect everyone’s heart together. This is the reason DRD was built as a playground for PWD who have the ability to play music and connect everyone. We hope this will help DRD discover the PWD’s hidden talents. We have Thursday and Friday night for singing together, nights to communicate and share with artists, and sometimes there will be more elaborate night. 

* Activity five: With a desire to create a positive playground, DRD is still looking for opportunities to invite expert social workers, and those in the fields of psychology, education, community development, etc. to spend some time to share with students and anyone who are interested. It's free because DRD has no budget for these type of activities. Now, this objective has been expressed and received many attention and support from many friends around the world. Hope these seminars would be held more frequently in order to help students have more opportunities to increase knowledge related to learning and their work

Students from social sciences can also make up specialized activities at the clubs. If they have idea and want to perform, DRD will try our best in our capacity to help students organize their program. This playground is also for parents, teachers, or social workers. From those activities, peer counseling group (those who face crisis because of different causes) can be formed and support one another to overcome difficulties. 

• Activity six: DRD also have strength in linking with other organizations to have more frequent seminars at the Center.

All of the activities, special programs will be posted on the DRD website, as well as sent to those who subscribe to the mailing list of DRD. DRD also hope that the mass media help us transfer information to everyone. 

3. What are the difficulties for DRD?

Good idea (as everyone usually says) needs to have proper space. This also means we must have suitable budget, an issue which often makes us feel nervous. Social club is not for pure business, so to get income from business without sacrificing the social purpose is a very difficult task. We are still looking for more ideas to maintain the operation of the club.

Another difficulty is finding the expertise volunteers to help us carry out our ideas. For examples:

- With the slow developed children we want to find professionals in arts therapy to help develop program for the children, but in VN it is almost impossible to find volunteers like that.

- With seminars which have foreign experts, we also need volunteers to help the translation. Find free professional translator is not easy, and amateur ones cannot translate all the meaning from speakers, which is a pity for those who want to learn. 

4. How DRD has been helped by the generosity and kindness?

There are also many other difficulties, but what makes us happy and more confident in the way I've chosen that we have more people contribute by sharing their "recklessness" idea. They come from the society organizations, individual, artists, and journalists. People express their love for DRD, and promised to introduce DRD to friends and their relatives. This is how the joy is multiplied, fear is lessen, and therefore Life is Beautiful


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