DRD 10-year message:

“I change myself and the world…”

Dear Colleagues and Partners,

DRD believes that every possible change in our world is created by the very change in ourselves - you and I.

When persons with disabilities (PWDs) contribute their values to national socio-economic development, then the equal participation of PWDs and equal opportunities for them are indeed meaningful.

Over the past ten years, with DRD, you and I have been striving tirelessly for better lives for PWDs. DRD has become a cozy home, nurturing every effort of individuals, the PWD community, partners, friends and their relatives. The activities initiated by DRD have made you and me more confident in our own strengths and potentials, contributing to changes in awareness and behaviour of institutions, organisations, companies, local communities, as well as of our families, relatives and friends, and contributing to improved living and working environment of everyone.

In our coming ten-year journey, DRD can see opportunities together with challenges ahead for PWDs when Vietnam will have moved up to the position of a lower-middle-income country. Dozens of free trade agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, with various countries and regions in the world have made Vietnam more deeply integrated into the global economy, while traditional donors are withdrawing to pave the way for trade and investment partnerships. In particular, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Incheon Strategy that Vietnam has endorsed and been committed to form a framework guiding our efforts. You and I need to be better prepared to be able to live a happy life and contribute our parts to the society in such a new environment.

The DRD team

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DRD is a non-profit organisation, established on the 3rd of December, 2005, under an initial sponsorship of the Ford Foundation. Up until now, DRD has been working under the supervision of the Vietnam Union of Scientific and Technological Associations (VUSTA).

DRD has been making every effort day after day to contribute to an equal and non-discriminatory society for persons with disabilities (PWDs). In the past ten years, with the support and companionship of donors and its partners, DRD has obtained the initial achievements noted below in strengthening the capacity of PWDs and promoting social integration for individuals and communities of PWDs. 


Vision 2025

DRD is working for an inclusive and barrier-free society, where PWDs have capacity to participate in all activities equally and equitably



DRD is committed to help PWDs be self-confident, and increase their quality of life in a non-discriminatory environment by raising the awareness of PWDs and the public, increasing capacity for PWDs, and promoting advocacy.


Core values:

DRD's mission is based on the organisational achievements, culture, and values that have been created and consolidated over the past ten years of operation

For PWDs: DRD is an organisation of PWDs and for PWDs, proven by the perspectives of rights of PWDs, capacity of PWDs, equal opportunities for PWDs, and equitable participation of PWDs in economic, cultural, political and social activities.

Respect values and capacity of PWDs: DRD provides a work environment where values and capacities of PWDs are respected.

Inspiring PWDs and the public: DRD encourages innovative approaches, bringing about belief in and new angles about PWDs and promoting their contributions.

Transparency: Every activity of DRD is designed, appraised, implemented, monitored and evaluated in a transparent manner and reported adequately and widely to relevant stakeholders and the public.

Trust & Quality: The results of 10-years of operation have brought about trust in DRD, proven by the quality of the services, policy proposals and people at DRD.



To create opportunities for PWDs to integrate into society and increase their quality of life.

Specific Objective 1: Awareness of PWDs and comunities on the rights of PWDs

Specific Objective 2: Equality of opportunities for disablities

Specific Objective 3: Non-discriminatory participation of PWDs in all social spheres

Specific Objective 4: DRD capacity


ACHIEVEMENTS OF DRD (Update on July, 2018)

Since the start of its operations, with the support and companionship of donors and partners, DRD has achieved many results to improve capacity building and social inclusion for the disabled community. We really want to continue to receive your contribution and interest to maintain and develop activities for the community. Here are some of the results achieved over the years of DRD operations (as of 30/06/2018):

Social Inclusion

- 93% of PWDs have improved awareness,

- 92% of PWDs believe in themselves,

- 83% of PWDs increased their level of independance,

- 81% of PWDs increased their responsiveness to cases,

- 93% of PWDs increased their own capacity.

Accessibility and connection

- 273 computers delivered to youth with disabilities.

- 521 PWDs received assistive devices, as wheelchairs, braces, and crutches

- 500 PWDs participated training on road traffic laws and received a certificate

- 3,103 peer counseling sessions were held.

- 47,342 requests for support by motorbike taxi were met for 480 PWDs who wanted to study, go to work, participate in social activities and see doctors for health care.

- Over 5,301 PWDs participated in a network of 38 DPOs (Disabled People Organizations) in the south of Vietnam that were developed by DRD.

- 4,851 PWDs and leaders of DPOs improved their skills through capacity building training and experience sharing.

- There are 62 students of the universities and colleges to intern the model of DRD's support people with disabilities, of which 8 are international students

84 suggestions/petitions of DRD and partners were pass on to relevant department, and accepted 40 petitions among them.

Learning and employment

- 388 students with disabilities were awarded monthly scholarship, trained on social skills and given internship and job placement after graduation.

- 1,884 PWDs are being oriented and trained on job-seeking skills as well as being employed.

- 442 PWDs got jobs, vocational training or internship.

- 420 businesses of PWDs attended recruitment networking sessions.

- 24 businesses of PWDs in HCM City and Lam Dong province were consulted about business techniques

- 24 initiatives supporting for PWDs were funded for individuals and organizations in DRD's network.

- There are 62 students of the universities and colleges to intern the model of DRD's support people with disabilities, of which 8 are international students.

DRD with the public

- 12,448 hits to DRD’s website are recorded monthly. (

- 8,547 Likes on DRD Facebook (

- 1,050,670 views on DRD Youtube channel, and 1,154 subscribe. (

- About 2,104 news items and articles about DRD published on the mass media.

- 5 international awards and 16 awards and certificates of merits at city level.

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(All data above are based on DRD’s surveys and statistics)


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